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Distance Learning Early Childhood Education - Be GLAD Educator Webinar Series

Early Childhood Education (PreK, TK, K, & 1st)

Free support for educators, Wednesday, April 22nd Session Recording

Be GLAD e-Lab (webinar)

Distance Learning for Early Childhood Education - Be GLAD Educator Webinar Series

We're GLAD so many of you joined us this week for our weekly Be GLAD Educator webinar to support distance learning. Over the next couple of weeks, we will continue to offer free weekly webinars to support you during this time.

A special thank you to our guests, Kendra Coleman, Justin Bourgeois Delgado, Claudia Hernandez, Catherine Leonard and Susie Towber for sharing so many awesome strategies to GLADify distance learning for Early Childhood Education.

If you missed the webinar, click on the image above to watch the recorded session and check out the following links below in this post for some of the wonderful resources that were shared.

Next week, a few GLADiators will share some strategies for continuing to promote students' social skills from a distance. We'll provide ideas on how to support you in running Expert Groups and assigning Team Tasks to your students during remote learning.

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During the webinar, Susie shared how her school is continuing to use Be GLAD strategies in a virtual classroom. As a principal and a Be GLAD Certified Agency Trainer, Susie models a Be GLAD strategy every day for her students and her teachers along with her morning announcements.

Narrative Input Chart

Sentence Patterning Chart

Poetry and Chants

STEAM Lesson

To maximize learning, Susie divides up each Be GLAD strategy over multiple days instead of teaching everything at once. This gives the students time to process the content and to reflect on their own learning.

After each session of direct instruction, we want to encourage students to take notes in their Learning Logs on what they have learned. During distance learning, we might encourage students to take a photo of their Learning Logs or to record a short video to share with their teachers. Susie shared an example of how their students and their families are using Seesaw to continue their communication around learning during this time.

Additional Resources

Daily Schedule for Parents

This is an example of the simple, straightforward daily schedules that the educators from Lawson Early Childhood School send to parents.

Weekly Planner

Justin showed us how the Lawson team uses this weekly planner to collaborate and plan their week of remote teaching.

Unit Planner

The PreK educators at Lawson use this document to plan ahead for future units of study. It can be used by teaching teams or individuals.

Seesaw Interactive Training for PreK-5th Grade

As a Seesaw Ambassador, Kendra has shared this wonderful presentation to help you get started with Seesaw. She has also provided two short videos to showcase the Lawson students' distance learning from Week 1 and Week 2.

Some suggested instructional resources that are offering free access at this time:



Epic! Digital Library

Scholastic Learn from Home

Scholastic Watch and Learn Library

AbDo Digital Library - Temporary access until 6/30/20 (Username: ABDO Elementary, Password: 2020)

Upcoming Be GLAD Educator Webinars to Support Distance Learning

Mark your calendars for the next weekly webinar at 1pm PST/4pm EST.

April 29th - Promoting Social Skills During Distance Learning

We hope to see you next Wednesday at 1pm PST/4pm EST for Promoting Social Skills During Distance Learning. We will send the new Zoom invite next Wednesday.

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